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  • Azimuth Thruster

    Azimuth Thruster

    The device is mainly used for varied engineering ships with high flexibility or with dynamic positioning demand, such as harbor tugs, undersea cabling working ships, floating crane barges, marine platform and platform supply ships, and others. The power range of the products is from 60HP to 5000HP.
  • Contra-rotating Propellers

    Contra-rotating Propellers

    They are mainly used in ships with special demands or with special limits, such as transportation ships, car ferries, ships for spilt oil recovery, sanitation engineering ships and others. The power range of the products is from 60HP to 5000HP.
  • Fixed Pitch Propeller

    Fixed Pitch Propeller

    Lateral thruster with contra-rotating propellers belong to exclusive creation and patent design of our company. Using contra-rotating technology in the lateral thruster will realize the shortest propeller diameter among the same power thruster.
  • Deck Mounted Thrusters

    Deck Mounted Thrusters

    Deck combination azimuth thruster is a kind of marine power propulsion which combined azimuth thruster and diesel engine. They have the advantages of compact structure, high mobility, convenient install and others.
  • Rudder Propeller Tug