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Wuxi Ruifeng Marine Propulsion Co., Ltd Development Path
Oct 11, 2018

Company event:

Since 1987, he has been engaged in the design and production of domestic full-turn propellers and is used in the Yangtze River ferry.

In 2008, it produced the first self-propelled intellectual property high-power full-rotation propeller RFRP-W1800 in China, with a single-machine power of 1324KW. It was installed in the Jiazhou No. 6 full-turn port for tugboat.

 In 2009, it produced the domestic single-power maximum swing propeller RFRP-W2400, with a single-machine power of 1838KW, installed in the Huatuo No. 8 full-revolution port as a tugboat.

Participated in the Asia Pacific Maritime Exhibition in 2010 and established the Singapore office.

In 2011, he participated in the formulation of the national military standard for the inspection standard of the full-turn propeller, and was awarded the third prize of the General Armament Department.

In 2012, Jiangsu Ruifeng Marine Propulsion Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established and moved into the new factory of Wuxi Machinery Equipment Industrial Park. In the same year, the company obtained a number of patents for the propeller side thruster, the liftable counter-rotating propeller and the full-turn propeller.

In 2013, it was the first in China to develop and design a full-turn hydraulic propeller.

In 2013, he participated in the Indonesia Maritime Exhibition and established the South American Columbia Office.

In 2013, it produced the largest deck-mounted full-slewing thruster in China and even the world, RFDRP1600, and successfully operated on the crane ship ASIAN HERCULES.

In 2014, the company developed the largest full-slewing thruster RFRP-W4000 in China, and simultaneously developed a larger deck-mounted full-slewing thruster.

At the beginning of 2015, we received 6 orders for single-machine power 2000kw deck-mounted full-slewing propellers for the “Muna Princess” barge power positioning transformation project. The suspension propeller has the functions of adjusting the dip depth, lifting and turning, and the current single power The world's largest.