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What Is The Difference Between Propeller Propeller And Pump Jet Propeller Of Submarine?
Aug 23, 2018

Pump-jet pump sucks water from the bow and ejects it backward from the bow, producing a reaction force. Without propeller stirring, the sound is much quieter, and it is difficult for others to obtain sound characteristics. The sound is similar to crustal movement or whale mating, and it is difficult to detect. Individual submarines in individual countries have adopted, and the technology is also very difficult. Relatively mature, it is said that 093 of our successors may be adopted.

Pump jet is a propulsion technology that updates the propeller.

(1) low noise. This is very important for reducing submarine noise.

(2) flexible rotation. By changing the direction of water spray to adjust the direction, the rudder without propeller mode is not required.

(3) high speed navigation (greater than 20 knots) has high rotational efficiency.