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The Working Principle Of The Side Thruster
Aug 23, 2018

The side thruster is actually a propeller propeller; it uses the rotation of the propeller to generate thrust in the current. The difference is that it is mounted in a position perpendicular to the longitudinal central plane of the hull, forming a lateral thrust.

The entire propeller is placed in the transverse guide tube 3 of the head of the ship. The grille is used to protect the propeller; it has a certain degree of strength and toughness. But too thick grille will affect work efficiency. When the prime mover is started, the propeller causes the water to flow left or right through the grille to eject the hull; according to the principle of reaction, the ship is subjected to lateral thrust. The side thrusters installed on the ship are all tunnel thrusters; when it works, it uses the thrust generated by the propeller arranged in the transverse duct to realize the ship's change of direction. In order to increase the use effect of the head thruster, some ships also set up a hollow and left-right through the balance duct at the rear. The side thruster uses a variable pitch propeller as the propeller; its speed is generally 2 to 3 stages; and it is directly controlled on the bridge. In this way, according to the actual needs, by manipulating the handle, the rotation direction and speed can be controlled and the ship can be manipulated.

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