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How Many Kinds Of Thrusters Are There?
Aug 23, 2018

In marine electric propulsion system, there are many kinds of propulsion, such as shaft propeller propulsion, pipeline propulsion, azimuth propulsion, POD propulsion and so on. POD propulsion is the most widely used nowadays. Podded propulsion is to place the motor in a pod, the propeller is directly connected to the motor shaft, can rotate 360 degrees, in any direction required to generate thrust, no rudder and side thruster, pod immersion in sea water directly out of heat, propulsion motor does not need additional cooling. This design provides convenience for manufacturing, maintenance and repair. At present, the power range of podded propellers ranges from several hundred kW to tens of MW. The maximum single machine power of AZIPOD podded propellers produced by ABB can reach 40 MW.