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Classification Of Thrusters
Aug 23, 2018

Propeller is the propulsion equipment of the vehicle, which converts the power provided by the power device on the vehicle into thrust and propels the vehicle forward.

According to the different means of transportation, there are aviation propellers, space propellers, and marine propellers.

According to the principle, there are propellers, jet propellers, waterjet propellers and special thrusters.

There are water propeller and air propeller in the propeller, water propeller is used in ships, belonging to the class of ship propeller; air propeller is used in aircraft, helicopters, belonging to the class of aircraft propeller.

There are many kinds of special propellers, such as variable pitch propeller, ducted propeller, straight wing propeller, jet propeller, magnetohydrodynamic propeller, superconducting magnetohydrodynamic propeller and so on.

With the development of science and technology, propellers are developing continuously, and new forms of thrusters will appear.