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Why use a Hydraulic azimuth thruster and its control method
Oct 24, 2018

The purpose of using a Hydraulic azimuth thruster is to increase the speed of the ship and protect the propeller from foreign objects. It can be used on transport vessels, cruise ships and engineering vessels of the Inland River and the Yangtze River system. On this type of propeller, a positive and negative hydraulic clutch can be used to mount it between the main engine and the universal joint drive shaft, and the universal joint drive shaft is connected to the Z-shaped transmission to allow the propeller to rotate forward and Turning over and increasing the propulsion efficiency of the propeller can increase by about 15%.


The hydraulic azimuth thruster uses a hydraulic source as the driving power and directly drives the propeller through a hydraulic motor. This type of propeller has the advantages of compact structure, simple installation and operation, convenient maintenance and low cost, and there is no longer period in the manufacturing cycle. In addition, it is available in different specifications and corresponds to different powers. In the ships that can be used, there are simple construction vessels and the like.


From the current technology, the propulsion and rotation of the full-turn hydraulic propeller can be controlled by all-digital intelligent control. Moreover, through this kind of control mode, the propulsion and the rotational speed can be continuously changed. The angle of rotation is well controlled and simple to operate, making it easy to interface with the control system for digital communication.


In the specific operation, it is realized by using four components of inverter control, PLC controller, digital angle encoder and digital flow control valve. According to the programmed control command, the integrated inverter, encoder and digital flow are integrated. The state parameters of the control valve are analyzed and judged to issue control commands for the technical parameters, so that the full-turn hydraulic propeller can work and operate smoothly.

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