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What is the advantage of the Azimuth thruster with Nozzle and its product purchase and use?
Oct 13, 2018

Azimuth thruster with Nozzle, which is a specific type of propeller, and this type of propeller is used in many applications, so it should be familiar and understood to achieve the correct operation of the product. Use it reasonably to achieve the purpose of use.


1. Definition of Azimuth thruster with Nozzle and product selection

The full-turn duct thruster, in terms of name, is a specific type of propeller, and it is a Z-type propulsion device that combines the functions of a ducted propeller and a steering gear, and can rotate 360 degrees around the vertical axis. The lower part can be steered by 360 degrees of free rotation to create a full range of thrust.


The purchase of a product for a Azimuth thruster with Nozzle is an important task that needs to be taken seriously and taken into account, taking into account all relevant factors in order to select the right product. In terms of product purchase considerations, the five factors of product origin, parameters, quality, price and manufacturer must be considered, and if necessary, the product environment and usage requirements must be considered to help The purchase of rotary duct thrusters.


Azimuth thruster with Nozzle is a specific type of propeller, which is used in comparison with other propellers. This type of propeller has certain advantages in some aspects, so it is worthwhile in some industries. Use, and can bring some benefits.


(1) It can be zigzag in the arrangement of the shafting, which can play both the propulsion and the manipulation. In addition, this type of propeller is used on ships, and the thrust direction can be arbitrarily changed to make the ship turn around and move forward and backward.

(2) There is no rudder on the full-rotation duct thruster, but the thrust of the propeller can be used as the rudder force to manipulate the treasure. In addition, since this type of propulsion device has a large unit power, its forward and reverse thrusts are substantially equal.

(3) The assembly of the propeller can be carried out and completed in the workshop, no underwater operation is required, and installation and maintenance are simple and convenient.

(4) The structure of the propeller is simple, the volume is small, and its occupied area is also small, so it can be flexibly applied, and further, to achieve green environmental protection.

(5) On the power supply of the full-rotation duct thruster, a high-performance motor or battery can be used to improve the working efficiency of the propeller, and the goal of power saving can also be achieved to prolong the service life of the device.

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