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Use and characteristics of underwater demountable azimuth thrusters
Dec 24, 2018

Underwater demountable azimuth thrusters are mainly used to propel ships and boats in the course of their use. There are many types of propellers, electric marine propellers, aviation propellers, water jet propellers. And so on, each has its own special purpose and characteristics.

1. The structure of the underwater detachable azimuth thruster is very simple, and the volume is relatively small. The occupied area is small during the use process, so it is flexible in application and reflects the concept of green environmental protection.

2. The material of the underwater detachable azimuth thruster is made of aluminum alloy material. It will have good corrosion resistance when used. It has high anti-corrosion performance and can resist certain underwater. impact.

3. The underwater detachable azimuth thruster will contain three blade shapes, which will rotate to a certain extent and can effectively ensure its working efficiency.

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