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underwater mountable thrusters technical performance
Mar 16, 2019

underwater mountable thrusters technical performance


The qualified underwater mountable thrusters should ensure the smooth balance of rotation, no jamming, stagnation, vibration and so on. Secondly, the sealing air pressure test should be carried out before leaving the factory, and there should be no leakage. The underwater mountable thrusters features a dual mechanical seal and a lip seal. The mechanical seal ensures reliable operation in 8000 hours without replacement.


The cable gland of theunderwater mountable thrusters has been specially vulcanized to avoid water leakage to the motor due to damage of the cable sheath; the surface of the machine is sprayed with anti-corrosive paint, and its surface is bright, no stains, bumps, cracks and the like. The primer of the motor housing is PVC epoxy resin and the surface is chlorinated rubber coating.


The underwater mountable thrusters has a seal leakage protection device in the oil chamber, and the blade and the rotor adopt dynamic balance test, and the balance accuracy meets the requirements for use. In use, the underwater mountable thrusters can be rotated in the horizontal direction within 120° to adjust the push flow angle arbitrarily.

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