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The working principle and application effect of the azimuth thruster
Sep 13, 2018

The azimuth thruster consists of a number of vertical blades that are equally spaced on the disc and that are flush with the bottom of the hull. The disc rotates about a vertical axis, and each blade meets the water flow at an appropriate angle, thereby generating thrust. The eccentric device of the azimuth thruster can control the angle at which each blade meets the water flow, so that it can emit thrust in any direction.


Ships with azimuth thrusters have good maneuverability and do not need to reverse the main engine when the ship is backing up. In addition, the azimuth thruster is more efficient; under the sea, the working conditions are also better. The azimuth thruster is composed of a water pump, a water suction pipe and a water spray pipe. The water is used as a power to draw water from the bottom hole of the ship, and the water is discharged from the ship's rear direction through the side pipe, and the ship is driven by the reaction force of the water.


The mechanical part of the azimuth thruster is installed in the ship and is well protected; the direction of the azimuth thruster is variable, which is convenient for the ship to operate. In short, the azimuth thruster is much more advanced than the traditional propulsion device, which is more conducive to the stable operation of the ship.

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