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The use process and application range of hydraulic tunnel thruster
Feb 13, 2019

In the process of using the hydraulic tunnel thruster, it is mainly used for docking between ships. The maneuvering speed is slow, and the rudder station should be kept at zero or slow forward speed during use. A transverse tunnel thruster is installed at the bow or stern of the vessel.

The dynamic drive tunnel fixed pitch propeller is from 250 to 10,750 hp (180 KW to 8.0 MW).

They are designed for variable speed motor inputs with thyristor control systems or AC variable frequency drives. Engine-driven tunnel thrusters: Engine-driven engine-driven tunnel thrusters are available in the 250 to 3000 hp range.

The hydraulic tunnel propeller is a kind of power device. When using it, the performance method is to ensure the efficiency and the efficiency under the condition of thrust and specific impulse. The higher the efficiency, the better the performance of the propeller is, and the visual performance is certain. The lower the power consumed by the ion thruster under thrust and specific impulse, the better the performance.

In the performance evaluation of the ion thruster, the thrust and specific impulse are first measured, and then the efficiency is measured or estimated, or the utilization rate of the propellant and the electric power consumed are measured.

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