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The use and characteristics of the azimuth thruster retractable bow thruster
Dec 12, 2018

The azimuth thruster retractable bow thruster is widely used in the shipbuilding field, and its main function and function is to promote the advancement of ships and boats. The propeller has a simple structure, a small volume, and a small occupied area. Therefore, it is more flexible in application and also reflects the concept of green environmental protection.

At the same time, the full-turn bow propeller has excellent anti-corrosion performance, so in practical applications, it can withstand certain underwater impact forces. The propeller in the propeller has three blades, which rotate at a high speed to ensure its working efficiency. The propeller can also prevent the entanglement of some water plants in the water, which can reduce the occurrence of faults, and the maintenance of the pusher is also convenient, as long as it is usually noted.

Not only that, but the high-speed motor and power unit are specially equipped in the full-rotation bow thruster, which improves the working efficiency of the machine and also saves a certain amount of electricity, and its service life is longer. Moreover, the pusher's handle is retractable, it is very convenient to use, it can also be operated at a long distance, and it is also very convenient when it is installed. 

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