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The superiority of the Deck mounted thrusters
Sep 15, 2018

The deck mounted thruster is a marine power propulsion unit that integrates a full swing propeller and a diesel main engine. It has the advantages of compact structure, high maneuverability and convenient installation. The entire unit can be mounted directly on the deck base, covered with a container casing, and adjusted to its vertical height by mechanical or hydraulic means, allowing the ship to adapt to large draft changes and exert large thrust.


Deck-mounted thrusters are much more efficient than Z-drivers equipped with a single propeller, and can transmit more power than a single propeller; because of the lower propeller load, the risk of cavitation is lower, and at the same time There are also lower pressure fluctuations and noise emissions.


Due to the small number of moving parts of the deck mounted thrusters, it has high reliability and can better meet the requirements of fully loaded no-load propeller immersion. Combined with the rotary paddle design, the propeller diameter can be further reduced, and the ballast water treatment system cost and ballast water adjustment time can be saved.


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