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The role of high speed passenger ship propeller
Oct 26, 2018

High-speed passenger ships are also called fast passenger ships, but not single-drainage ships. This type of passenger ship is used more frequently from the current point of view. The ship body is generally made of two materials, aluminum alloy and steel. The hydrofoil is made of stainless steel or titanium alloy. In addition, the ship's power unit is more light-duty high-speed diesel engines. In propulsion power, it is carried out using an underwater propeller. High-speed propellers are an important power component of passenger ships.


The high-speed passenger ship propeller has two sources of thrust. One is the reaction force generated by the propeller pushing the water backward, and the other is the pulling force generated by the pressure difference of the propeller. According to the law of conservation of energy, the energy transmitted by the ship to the blade is the kinetic energy of the water, and the friction is the heat energy of the water, but the heat generated by the friction is much less than the power of the water. Therefore, the greater the weight of the pushed water, the smaller the speed, the smaller the kinetic energy obtained by the water, so the high-speed passenger ship propeller has a high efficiency when the rotation speed is low.


High-speed marine propellers, including the propeller hub and the blade. The advantage is that it can have good propulsion performance, reduce the generation of induced exciting force and increase the unloading capacity of the ship, thereby extending the service life of the ship.

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