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The operation process and application of the rotary azimuth propeller
Feb 28, 2019

In the process of running the azimuth thruster, the maneuverability of the left and right front and rear, to a certain extent, the omnidirectional thruster is better than the duct thruster and the flat thruster.

This is because the duct thruster has a large thrust when it is under the vehicle, but the thrust is poor when the vehicle is reversed, and the steering performance is not ideal. On the contrary, the flat thruster can obtain good steering performance, but the mechanism is complicated, the cost is high, and the damage is easy. However, although the 360° rotary propeller has no rudder, it can completely convert the thrust of the propeller into the equivalent of the rudder force to facilitate the operation of the ship, and the unit thrust of the 360° rotary propeller is large, and the thrust and forward thrust are reversed. basically the same.


The rotary azimuth propeller can simplify the shape of the ship's crotch and reduce the ship's resistance. When the propeller fails, the whole machine can be lifted from the engine room without docking, which greatly simplifies the maintenance work and increases the service life of the diesel engine. . The new propeller is suitable for various engineering vessels, such as tugboats, top wheels, floating cranes, dredgers, ferries, and flat-bottoms for operation. It has broad market application prospects and military significance.


When the rotary azimuth propeller is in operation, the main output power of its equipment is rotated by the primary bevel gear to the vertical shaft, and then transmitted to the propeller through the secondary bevel gear to form a zigzag transmission system. A hydraulic pump is also used to drive the worm gear to drive the entire thruster for 360° horizontal rotation. The Z-axis shaft and the draft tube propeller are all mounted on a cylindrical body, and the entire device can be lifted or installed at the deck opening.

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