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The effect of full-rotation on the contra-rotating propellers is obvious
Sep 29, 2018

In order to solve this problem, the conventional flat-axle propulsion is very complicated. In order to solve this problem, a full-rotation contra-rotating propeller is designed. The main engine power drives a vertical shaft gear through a pair of right-angle gears. After the secondary transmission, a pair of positive and negative gears are driven, and then the propeller shaft is reversed with the propeller shaft, which is the opposite propeller.


This contra-rotating propellers is equipped with a new cutter and labyrinth anti-wrap structure to ensure that the windings cannot enter the shafting to break the seal to ensure a sufficient service life. At the same time, it also has a perfect lubricating oil circulation system and carries out the necessary tests to make the combination of self-lubrication and forced lubrication, resulting in significant lubrication and reduced energy consumption.


It has been proved that the full-turn rotary propeller is 10% more efficient than the conventional propeller, and the contra-rotating propellers is 10% more efficient, which also ensures good maneuverability. Moreover, the use of a full-turn contra-rotating propeller reduces energy consumption by nearly 20% compared to the use of a pitch propeller, and has significant energy-saving effects.

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