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The composition and design features of the fixed pitch propeller
Sep 17, 2018

The fixed pitch propeller lateral thruster generally comprises a prime mover, a hydraulic system, a remote control system and a side push body unit. The prime mover is usually a motor, but it can also be a diesel engine or a hydraulic motor, and can be pressed by S2-30, S2- 60 and S1 work in different working systems, the remote control system can be connected to the Joystick and DP interface, and the side pusher body can be connected with the hydraulic cylinder to form a telescopic structure.


The fixed-pitch lateral thruster has always been adhering to the simple and efficient design concept; easy maintenance and good interchangeability are the guarantee of the quality of our whole set of side push system; the blade with large side slope increases the ratio of the blade to the surface, and the side is reduced to the greatest extent. The probability of generating bubbles, noise and vibration during the push work; reasonable design of the blade with a slight gap greatly improves the propulsion efficiency of the propeller.


In the fixed pitch propeller, there is also a unique spiral bevel gear, the precision can reach ISO-4 level, can meet the needs of different input speed; long life, high precision bearing selection and arrangement ensure the gear meshing accuracy; In addition, the high-strength nickel-aluminum bronze alloy material is used for the blades and the hub of the fixed-pitch lateral thruster, and the transmission shaft and gear are made of high-quality alloy steel to ensure the reliability of the product.

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