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The basic structure of azimuthing swing-up thrusters and its application advantages
Sep 19, 2018

The azimuthing swing-up thrusters is a driving device suitable for an underwater robot and an underwater carrier, and is mainly composed of a propeller and a swinging mechanism, wherein the swinging mechanism is connected with the propeller through a swinging shaft therein, thereby The swing of the propeller provides the required power.


The swinging mechanism of the azimuthing swing-up thrusters is mainly composed of a box body, a swinging shaft, a mounting flange, a driving mechanism and an end cover. The box body is provided with a mounting flange at one end and an end cap at the other end, and the swinging shaft is placed in the box. The inner cover extends out of the body, the driving mechanism passes through the box body and is disposed on the box body, and is connected with the swing shaft of the box body, and the mounting flange, the end cover and the box body and the end cover are sealedly connected with the swing shaft, and are in the box body. A closed cavity is formed.


Since the driving mechanism can drive the swinging shaft to rotate, the azimuthing swing-up thrusters can adjust the position angle of the propeller in any real-time online within ±90° perpendicular to the plane of the swinging shaft, change the power output characteristics of the submersible, and greatly improve the performance of the submersible. Controllability and ability to adapt to complex underwater environments, simple, reliable and easy to deploy.

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