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The application of retractable azimuthing thrusters brings greater benefits
Sep 30, 2018

The telescopic and rudder systems of the retractable azimuthing thrusters are all electrically controlled, so that the entire plant is highly reliable, easy to install, integrate and maintain, ensuring excellent dynamic positioning capability for the ship.


One of the features of the retractable azimuthing thrusters is the use of a propeller shaft that allows for 8 degrees of tilt in the gearbox, which greatly reduces propeller/hull interaction losses. Compared with the traditional propeller, it can increase the effective thrust by 20% and reduce the fuel consumption. At the same time, the effective thrust directly helps the ship to have strong dynamic positioning capability.


Due to the reduced power density of the retractable azimuthing thrusters, the unit thrust is increased by more than 10%. Together with the advanced hydrodynamic and special shroud design, the environmental impact of the propulsion system is effectively reduced, bringing performance and efficiency to the customer. Two aspects of benefits. And all of its systems are easily serviceable, and the combined steering telescopic seal eliminates the oil-water interface, reducing environmental risks and allowing for internal replacement.


Therefore, the retractable azimuthing thruster is especially suitable for shuttle tankers and offshore support vessels for safe and efficient operation, which not only improves the efficiency of ship owners and operators, but also pre-assembled plug-and-play installation. Reduce the time and cost of the shipyard.

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