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Structural features of Underwater Demountable Azimuth Thrusters
Oct 22, 2018

The underwater detachable azimuth thruster is used and operated under water and can be easily installed and removed.


The underwater detachable azimuth propeller is used in various aspects such as water propulsion and driving of electric ships, and scientific research.


The underwater detachable azimuth thruster, which is composed of a water pump and a pipe, is structurally characterized by:


If the propeller is used on a ship to move or maintain the current position in any direction, the three parts of the nacelle, the propeller and the rudder are to be installed on the stern of the kitchen treasure. The rudder plate is made up of a horizontal section with a rudder shape. The upper rudder plate is formed by a lower rudder plate extending below the nacelle, and the rudder plate and the nacelle are rotatable relative to the ship.

In addition, a prime mover is installed in the ship's ship, and the motive power of the prime mover is transmitted to the propeller via two sets of gear units. Through the above structure, the propeller can have good performance and use effect.


The underwater detachable azimuth thruster should be thoroughly and carefully inspected before use, mainly to check the insulation resistance of the motor stator winding to ground, the resistance value can not be lower than the specified requirements, and the grounding of the propeller should be checked. Whether its grounding is good and whether its cable lashing is reasonable and correct. If necessary, test operation can be carried out to check whether the various parts of the propeller and the whole can work normally.

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