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Rotation speed and working efficiency of Azimuth thruster with contra-rotating propellers
Mar 06, 2019

The Azimuth thruster with contra-rotating propellers are widely used in ships, aviation, etc., mainly for propelling ships and boats. There are many types of propellers, propeller propellers, electric marine propellers, aviation propellers, Water jet propellers, etc., each have its special purpose and characteristics.


1. The propeller in the propeller lateral thruster has three blades, which rotates fast and can guarantee the working efficiency.

2. The propeller lateral thruster can also prevent some water plants from entangled in the water, which can reduce the occurrence of faults, and the maintenance of the pusher is also convenient, as long as you pay attention to some.

3. The high-performance motor and battery are used for the propeller lateral thruster, which improves the working efficiency of the machine and also saves a certain amount of electricity, and its service life is longer.

4. The handle of the propeller lateral thruster is retractable, it is very convenient to use, it can also be operated at a long distance, and it is very convenient when it is installed.


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