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Reliability of the azimuth retractable thruster
Jan 17, 2019

The telescopic and rudder systems of the azimuth retractable thruster are electrically controlled, which are reliable, stable, easy to install and low in maintenance, and provide excellent dynamic positioning capability for ships. One of its distinguishing features is the use of a propeller shaft that allows for an 8 degree tilt in the gearbox. Thereby greatly reducing the loss of propeller and hull interaction.

Moreover, the use of azimuth retractable thruster can even significantly increase the effective thrust and reduce fuel consumption. This additional effective thrust will directly help the ship gain a powerful dynamic positioning capability. Reliability is also achieved by structural design by reducing the number of components. All systems are easily serviceable, and the combined steering telescopic seal eliminates the oil-water interface, reducing environmental risks and allowing for internal replacement.

From the actual application effect analysis, the azimuth retractable thruster significantly improves the working efficiency, and its steering is electrically powered, which further enhances the system's ability. The new telescopic system features an electric self-locking device that is lightweight and safe. Therefore, the device is particularly suitable for shuttle tankers and offshore support vessels for safe and efficient operation. 

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