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Reliability and control mechanism of azimuth retractable thruster
Dec 05, 2018

Azimuth retractable thruster can effectively reduce the number of components in the process of use to achieve its reliability, all of its systems can be easily maintained, and the azimuth retractable thruster combined steering telescopic seal avoids the oil-water interface, thereby reducing environmental risks and can be replaced internally. The steering is electric rather than hydraulic, further enhancing the system's capabilities. The new telescopic system features an electric self-locking device that is lightweight and safe.

Azimuth telescopic thrusters are especially suitable for shuttle tankers and offshore support vessels when used for safe and efficient operation. The whole equipment can control the nonlinear, time-varying and other problems of the propeller control mechanism in an all-round way, so as to realize the control of the six-degree-of-freedom movement of the submersible and improve the maneuverability and controllability of the submersible.

The azimuth retractable thruster  includes an information processing intelligent unit, an omnidirectional propeller control mechanism,  propeller control mechanism,  and a submersible, an external mechanism connected to an information processing intelligent unit, and an information processing intelligent unit connection. 

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