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Performance characteristics of Azimuth thruster with Nozzle
Sep 08, 2018

The Azimuth thruster with Nozzle  is a comprehensive propulsion unit that has a “z-shaped” appearance and has a ducted propeller and steering gear. The underwater portion of the propulsion device can be steered by 360 degrees of free rotation to create an all-round thrust. We will perform professional commissioning and inspection for each full-turn duct thruster to ensure the quality of delivery.


From practical application analysis, the Azimuth thruster with Nozzle  combines the efficiency of the ducted propeller and the maneuvering flexibility of the full-rotation rudder propeller. It is mainly used for various maneuvering performance requirements or various engineering vessels with dynamic positioning requirements. For example, the port is a tugboat, a submarine cable work ship, a floating crane ship, an offshore platform and a platform supply ship.


After years of hard work, we have accumulated rich experience in product design and production for many years. The fully-rotating catheter thruster device designed and produced has been delivered on various tugs and has achieved good application results.

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