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Parallel requirements and speed control requirements for 6000 Rudder propeller tug
Mar 04, 2019

When the 6000 Rudder propeller tug is off the dock, it only needs to fully consider the influence of the external environment. To maintain the safe speed to a certain extent, it can ensure safety. When docking, if there is a small error in the position of the ship, it can be used for traverse. method. Take the starboard docking as an example: Before the operation, fully consider the influence of wind, flow and tide height on the berthing operation. When the tugboat will arrive at the dock, the driver should make a visual inspection, try to set the position of the ship, control the speed of the ship, and ensure the ship and the ship. The horizontal distance between the piers is not too large, so that the ship and the dock (berth) form a 30-50 angle, slowly lean up, and adjust the handle so that the outer rudder angle is slightly larger than the inner rudder angle, then the bow will be slightly For external movement, control the ship to be parallel when the bow line is parallel to the edge of the dock.


When the 6000 HP full-turn tug is to be traversed to the right when the tug is used, the left rudder angle should be between 30 degrees and 60 degrees, and the right rudder angle should be between 210 degrees and 240 degrees. At this time, the entire hull will be Move to the right, if the speed is the same, the ship's bow is moving faster than the bow, and it can be overcome by increasing the right rudder angle or the left car. Sometimes due to external factors, the operation may not be successful at one time. At this time, the rudder angle of the two cars should be returned to the 90 degree position at the same time, and then the right car is adjusted to control the forward or backward movement of the hull, and then traversed again by the above method. Until the position is right.


The 6000 HP full-turn tug can achieve stern yaw berthing by controlling the speed of the vehicle. When moving to the left, the car and steering rudder angle should be opposite to the right traverse. When the single-handle tug is traversed, the single-handle is halfway down in the center position and is accelerated by the outboard. When leaving the dock, the traverse distance is small, and the stern is generally opened, and the boat can be pulled back when it is clear. After the car is ready, first join the inner side of the car, and then the outer side of the car, at this time the ship's head is biased, the ship's stern is biased.

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