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Operation process and function requirements of azimuth telescopic propeller
Feb 21, 2019

Azimuth telescopic propellers mainly use high-performance motors and accumulators during operation, which can effectively improve the working efficiency of the machine, and also enable it to save a certain amount of electricity, so that it can have a longer life.

The handle of the azimuth telescopic pusher is retractable, it is very convenient to use, it can also be operated at a long distance, and it is also very convenient when it is installed.

The main function of the azimuth telescopic propeller is to provide the side thrust of the head for the ship, so that it can meet the small turning angle of the ship in situ (the normal ship does not have a head thruster, and the turning radius is at least 2 times the length of the ship). In the wind and waves, side thrust can also be provided to maintain the heading to balance the yaw moment. The direction of movement is the first direction of the ship's roll.

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