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Omnidirectional propeller
Aug 23, 2018

Omnidirectional propeller is a kind of special propeller which periodically changes the pitch angle according to the rotation of the blade, and produces axial thrust parallel to the propeller shaft and lateral thrust at the same time. The main task of this paper is to design a spindle speed controller for a certain type of omni-directional propeller, which adopts frequency conversion speed regulation in AC speed regulation. In view of the complex characteristics of the transmission mechanism and hydrodynamic parameters of omnidirectional propeller, the controller can be used to control the speed of the spindle when the load of the transmission mechanism and hydrodynamic load are uncertain. The speed of the spindle is controlled to produce the desired thrust of the propeller. This paper mainly uses MC9S08DZ60 MCU and MS2564A lattice graphics LCD module to design a spindle speed controller. The experimental results show that the spindle speed of the omnidirectional propeller can be accurately controlled by the single chip microcomputer and the host computer, and the spindle speed can be displayed on the LCD screen in real time.

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