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Mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster performance and structural features
Nov 27, 2018

The mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster is a compact drive control device that integrates the motor, centrifugal pump and cylinder in the process of use. It is widely used as various block brakes and discs in use. The brake drive can also be used for drive control of various industrial valves, gates, directional swing and rotation (<900) devices and clamping devices.

Installed hydraulic azimuth thruster performance and structural features

The mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster is mainly manufactured by a full set of design and production technology. To a certain extent, it conforms to the pusher and parts processed by the CNC machining center, from machining to assembly, strict process, perfect inspection and reliable performance. The life test ensures the best performance of the machine.

The mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster has a fully sealed single push rod structure, which is beautiful in appearance, light in weight, complete in function, excellent in performance and complete in variety and specifications. The motor is non-oil immersed structure, Class F insulation, good heat resistance and long life. The motor junction box cover is sealed, and the cable stuffing box is used to make the cable secure and reliable. The electrical protection grade is IP65. The motor shaft and the push rod are specially treated on the surface to greatly extend the life of the seal.

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