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Mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster has long life and good heat resistance
Mar 03, 2019

The outer casing of the mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster is cast aluminum alloy, light weight, beautiful appearance, the motor is non-oil-immersed structure, Class B or Class F insulation (according to user requirements). The heat resistance is good, the service life is long, the motor junction box cover is sealed, and the cable stuffing box is used to enter the line, which is firm and reliable, and the electrical enclosure protection grade reaches IP55.


The motor shaft and the push rod of the mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster are hard chrome-plated to extend the life of the seal. The cylinder housing is provided with a balance chamber on one side, which can be installed in any direction from 0-180°. To expand its use.


All the seals and bearings of the mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster are brand-named. They are reliable in sealing and long in service life. The fasteners are made of stainless steel. They are very beautiful and durable when used. The hydraulic motor not only shortens the axial size of the hydraulic thruster to 2/3 of the current average, but also improves the convenience of integration.


For the first time in the world, the direct detection of motor speed is integrated into the hydraulic propeller, which greatly improves the convenience and reliability of the propeller speed control.

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