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Matters needing attention in installation of marine propellers
Aug 23, 2018

1. The stern height of rubber boat is divided into short shaft and long shaft. When purchasing marine propeller, attention should be paid to the stern height. Long shaft inflatable ship should purchase long shaft propeller, and short shaft marine propeller. If the installed marine propeller is not in conformity with the height of the stern, there will be the following situations:

(1). Installing the short ship propeller on the stern board of the long-axis rubber boat will cause the inlet of the water-cooling system to be unable to reach the water, and the propeller will not be damaged by the water-cooling cycle.

(2)Installing a long-axis marine propeller on the stern plate of a short-axis rubber boat will cause the anti-vortex plate to penetrate into the water, greatly weakening the thrust force, at the same time increasing the afterwork force, making the bow overwarped and the speed of the whole boat will be reduced.

2. When installing marine propeller, the price should be adjusted to the optimum angle of inclination. Excessive inclination will seriously reduce the propulsion thrust, while excessive inclination will increase the recoil force and reduce the speed. Specific adjustment method can read the manual, if really do not understand how to adjust to the best, try to adjust the machine to the vertical water can be.

3. Installation of marine propellers should be arranged according to the size of the vessel, not too small or too large, and the merchant or technician should be consulted when purchasing.

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