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Main features of electric telescopic bow thruster
Oct 29, 2018

(1) The main rod of the propeller can be made of stainless steel to ensure a long service life of the main rod, because this material has good rust and corrosion resistance.


(2) It can adopt mechanical multi-stage speed regulation, and it can rotate several speeds in reverse, and reverse rotation can also realize speed regulation, so that the electric telescopic bow thruster has good performance and use effect. In addition, electronic speed control can also be used to meet different speed requirements.


(3) Because it is retractable, it can make the handling of the propeller simple and convenient.


(4) On this type of propeller, some safety protection devices can be installed to make the use of the device safe and reliable, and to ensure the safety of the operator's operation.


Comparison of ordinary ship propellers and electric telescopic bow thrusters


The conventional marine propeller is used in a ship, and is configured to include a propulsion mechanism for propelling the propeller, a telescopic mechanism for driving the propeller up and down, a revolving mechanism for driving the propeller to rotate, and an underwater gear box. And these components such as cylinders. Through the use of the propeller, the propeller can be driven and up and down, and the 360 degree full rotation of the propeller can be performed to improve the steering efficiency and working efficiency of the propeller. In addition, the device has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation.


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