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Main features and uses of the mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster
Jan 08, 2019

The mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster is mainly composed of two parts, a clamping clamp and a pusher, and is a new type of effective tool for moving a heavy object in a short distance. The installed hydraulic azimuth thruster has shown its own good performance in practical applications, and has the advantages of large carrying capacity, good stability, continuous movement, etc., achieving safety, labor saving, time saving and money saving.

The main features of the mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster are as follows:

1. When the rail shifting machine is used, it is necessary to configure the corresponding heavy rail, active and passive sliding shoes;

2. The weight can be moved in parallel by means of the lifting of the hydraulic cylinder, and the steel rail is moved;

3. can be used with double-acting hydraulic jacks, so as to achieve a jacking effect.

The purpose of the mounted hydraulic azimuth thruster: At present, the device is mainly used for the displacement of large-scale equipment in warehouses, workshops, docks, electric buildings, construction sites, etc., such as power plant transformers, boilers and other super-large equipment, and moved to the designated location.

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