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Is the speedboat jet propeller good or propeller good?
Aug 23, 2018

The speedboat jet propeller is good and the propeller has its own advantages.

Water jet propeller is a thruster which produces thrust by the reaction of ejected water. The water jet propeller is composed of a water pump, a suction pipe and a water jet pipe. The water is sucked in from the bottom hole of the ship by the pump and discharged from the rear of the ship through the side pipe. The ship is propelled by the reaction force of the water. Its mechanical part is installed in the ship and is well protected. The nozzle is variable in direction to facilitate ship maneuvering. However, due to the limited diameter of nozzle, pipeline and pump efficiency is not high, so the efficiency of the whole system is low, and because the water in the pump and nozzle increases the weight of the ship, so it is seldom used in general speedboats.

Advantages of water jet propulsion: excellent maneuverability and maneuverability, high speed propulsion efficiency, mainframe is not easy to overload, suitable for shallow water navigation, generally used for high-speed and high-performance ships, and gradually applied to large and medium-sized ships.

Propeller propeller: Propeller consisting of hub and blades fixed radially on the hub, commonly known as the blade. The propeller is installed below the stern line. The main engine (see the ship's power plant) obtains power and rotates, pushes the water behind the ship and pushes the ship forward by the reaction force of the water. The propeller has simple structure, light weight and high efficiency, and is protected under the waterline. The propeller is the main propulsion tool for modern ships, and most ships are propelled by propellers.

However, the ship tends to be large-scale, after using high-power mainframe, the propeller vibration caused by stern vibration, structural damage, noise, erosion and other issues. The fundamental reason of propeller excitation is that the propeller blade load is heavier, and local unstable cavitation is easily produced when the propeller is working in the uneven wake behind the ship, which results in the pressure, amplitude and phase of the propeller acting on the hull are constantly changing.

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