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Introduction to the functional characteristics of the lateral thruster with contra-rotating propellers
Nov 22, 2018

The lateral thruster with contra-rotating propellers assembly is typically mounted in the lateral position of the vessel to achieve good operational performance of the vessel. In some marine engineering vessels, such as cable boats and drills, a lateral propulsion device is added, and the lateral force generated by the lateral propulsion device during rotation can reduce the radius of gyration. In this way, the cable boat and the drilling ship will not yaw at low speeds.

From the structural analysis, in fact,  the lateral thruster with contra-rotating propellers

 has the structural advantages of the contra-rotating propeller and the maneuverability of the full-rotation rudder propeller. It can effectively reduce the propeller diameter, improve the propulsion efficiency and reduce the total thrust. Vibration and noise. It is mainly used for ships with special requirements or special restrictions, such as transport vessels, car ferries, oil spill recovery vessels, and sanitation engineering vessels. Product power range 60HP-3500HP.

In practical applications, the lateral thruster with contra-rotating propellers has the advantages of high propulsion efficiency, reliable operation and anti-winding of the propeller system. Different installation forms such as well type, deck combination and boring machine can be provided according to ship layout requirements. At the same time, it can provide various types of ship control and host remote speed control system.

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