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Hydraulic azimuth thruster propulsion efficiency and propulsion device
Mar 12, 2019

Hydraulic azimuth thruster  propulsion efficiency and propulsion device


The hydraulic azimuth thruster has high propulsion efficiency, low noise, excellent handling of the whole equipment and anti-winding of the propeller system. It is widely used in ships with high maneuverability requirements such as tugboats, car ferries, offshore platform engineering vessels, and power positioning engineering vessels. It has a series of products such as full-rotation duct thrusters, counter-propeller propellers, side thrusters, and deck container combined propellers (voyagers).


The power range of the hydraulic azimuth thruster is between 60HP and 8000HP. Different installation forms such as well type, deck combination and boring machine can be provided according to ship layout requirements. At the same time, it can provide various types of ship handling and host remote speed control system.


The hydraulic azimuth thruster is a Z-type propulsion device that combines the functions of a propeller and a steering gear. The underwater part can be steered by 360-degree free rotation to form an all-round thrust.

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