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Function and application of the azimuth thruster with nozzle
Jan 24, 2019

The azimuth thruster with nozzle is a duct thruster that can perform a 360-degree swivel motion about a vertical axis. Structurally, the device combines the maneuverability of the high-efficiency and full-rotation rudder propeller of the ducted propeller. It is mainly used in various engineering vessels with high maneuverability requirements or dynamic positioning requirements, such as port tugboats, submarine cabling vessels, and floating lifting vessels, offshore platforms and platform supply vessels.

Due to the professional practice, the azimuth thruster with nozzle exhibits high propulsion efficiency in use, low running noise, excellent handling, and anti-winding of the propeller. The device belongs to a Z-type propulsion device integrated with the function of a ducted propeller and a steering gear. The underwater part can be steered by 360 degrees of free rotation to form an all-round thrust.

The use of a azimuth thruster with nozzle will reduce or even prevent the adverse effects of oblique water flow on the propeller impeller as the engineering vessel travels through rough seas. At present,azimuth thruster with nozzle is mostly used in engineering ships. 

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