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Four points for attention in the process of marine propeller driving
Aug 23, 2018

Marine propellers must undergo a long time of practice in the course of driving to master the driving skills, which need a long time to accumulate experience to master. So the novice has not been touched, and should pay attention to the following points in driving.

1. When the bow of the boat is overturned, if two or more passengers are on board, the crew should be allowed to press the bow as close as possible to the bow. A person must reduce the throttle when driving, so that the ship keeps parallel, the bow of the ship too high will block the sight of the pilot and overturn the situation.

2. When turning a corner again, the throttle should be reduced first, and the throttle should not be turned at high speed. If the inertia is too large, the ship may be overturned or the crew on board may be thrown out.

3. When traveling in the waters where there are more swimmers, attention should be paid to the swimmers in the water. Remember not to approach them. When the engine is running at high speed outside the ship, the lethality of the propeller is very great. When approaching the swimmers, the propeller should be turned back into neutral gear and stop running.

4. Avoid entering the water with more weeds and garbage. If the propeller is stuck by weeds and garbage, it will deform the propeller, slip the rubber sleeve, and even lead to broken connecting rod.

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