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Features and use of 6000 HP rudder propeller tug
Jan 03, 2019

The 6000 HP rudder propeller tug is a tugboat with a power of 6,000 and can be rotated 360 degrees in situ. It is usually a double Z-type guide tube propeller and a medium-high speed diesel engine. It can be divided into different control modes according to different control modes. Single-handle and double-handle. Because the double-handle boat is more flexible than the single-handle boat, the Hong Kong-made tugboats that are now manufactured are basically double-handle operating systems.

The 6000 HP rudder propeller tug is designed with rudderless sculls. Its propellers are free to rotate within 360 degrees, with flexible steering, small revolving loops, and can be rotated in place. Entering the car instead of reversing, adjusting the direction of the propeller 180 degrees is completed, only 12 seconds, the ship can be stopped in a shorter time and distance. It can be traversed under the condition of slow flow and no ship speed, which is very useful for the ship to be berthed.

Moreover, in the process of reversing, only the direction of the propeller needs to be adjusted, which is more flexible than the previous one. The 6000 HP rudder propeller tug has a larger square factor and better rotation. When this type of tugboat sails, the deep lateral forces cancel each other out without the need for a rudder. In order to save energy, a skilled driver can use a bicycle to sail in the channel, and at this time, the rudder should be properly pressed.

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