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Description of application characteristics of deck combination azimuth thruster
Jan 21, 2019

The deck combination azimuth thruster has high propulsion efficiency, stable propulsion effect, low running noise, excellent operation performance, and anti-winding characteristics of the propeller. Deck combination azimuth thruster have been widely used in ships with high maneuverability requirements such as tugboats, car ferries, offshore platform engineering vessels, and power positioning engineering vessels.

From the structural point of view, the so-called deck combination azimuth thruster refers to a marine propulsion unit that integrates the rudder propeller and the diesel main engine, and has the advantages of compact structure, high maneuverability and good compatibility. Since the deck combination azimuth thruster is self-contained, the components and systems in the unit before the loading are connected and commissioned.

At the time of installation, the deck combination azimuth thruster system can be placed directly on the splint base and covered with a container casing. The rudder propeller is equipped with the rear end of the unit and is adjusted by its mechanical or hydraulic means for its vertical height so that the ship can generate large thrust or repair when the draught depth changes.

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