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Correct operation of the underwater mountable thrusters
Nov 07, 2018

Before starting the thruster in underwater, you need to check the insulation resistance of the stator winding of the motor to the ground. Usually, the requirement is not less than 50 megohms. Check whether the grounding is firm, whether the cable is tied properly and the direction of the impeller rotation. After the confirmation can be started, the field personnel directly press the green start button to start in the manual state. In the automatic state, the central control room staff is notified to click the start button to start.


After the underwater installation of the thruster is in normal operation, it is necessary to check frequently to ensure normal operation, no abnormal phenomena such as noise, vibration and trip. If there is any abnormality, report it to the production department in time. Every month, the underwater propeller should be lifted to clean the garbage on the wire rope, and the wear of the lifting ring, the buckle and the wire rope should be checked, and the degree of wear should be replaced in time.


When the power is not turned off, to ensure safety, the thrusters installed underwater should not be moved at will. If it is stopped in the water for a long time, it should be run for 4 hours every 15 days to check its function and adaptability, or lift it in a dry place. Keep the propellers installed underwater clean and hygienic, and fill in the operating records as required.

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