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Components and technical features of permanent magnet tunnel thrusters
Sep 26, 2018

The permanent magnet tunnel thruster consists of three main components, namely a permanent magnet motor, a propeller, an underwater nozzle device, a hull suspension system and an inboard power system. The permanent magnet motor consists of two main components, a stator wound with various motor coils and a rotor equipped with a strong permanent magnet.


Compared to omnidirectional propellers that use diesel-electric hybrid technology, permanent magnet tunnel thrusters have greater power, less noise and vibration with the same propeller diameter. The design of the permanent magnet tunnel thruster focuses on the operational reliability and cycle cost of the product. It uses permanent magnet motor technology to improve efficiency and compact installation structure.


The permanent magnet tunnel thruster cabin only needs to be equipped with a variable speed transmission to save space on the ship; its installation system can remove and replace the equipment without the ship entering the dry dock, which greatly simplifies the maintenance of the product.

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