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Classification requirements and composition of bow stern houseboat thrusters
Nov 29, 2018

The propeller of the bow stern houseboat thrusters is mainly installed on the propeller shaft below the waterline at the tail of the boat. The propeller shaft rotates together with the main engine to draw water from the suction surface of the blade and discharge it from the discharge surface. The reaction force pushes the boat forward.

The propellers of the bow stern houseboat thrusters can be divided into fixed pitch propellers and adjustable pitch propellers when in use.

1. Fixed pitch propeller. It consists of a hub and a blade. The blades are generally 3 to 4 pieces. The blade is called the blade root near the hub part, and the outer end is called the blade tip. When the front of the car is running, the front side is called the leading edge, and the rear side is called the side. The propeller disk is called the discharge side facing the stern and is called the inhalation on the bow side. surface. A circular duct is attached to the outer edge of the fixed pitch propeller, which is a ducted propeller. The duct can improve the propulsion efficiency of the propeller, but the reversing performance is poor. The catheter propeller can be further divided into fixed and rotatable. The fixed ducted propeller increases the diameter of the boat's swing, and the convertible ducted propeller improves the boat's swing performance.

2. Adjustable pitch propeller. The blade rotation is driven by the crank link mechanism in the hub, and the propulsion power and the propulsion direction can be changed by changing the angle of the blade without changing the rotation speed and the running direction of the propeller shaft. The propeller has a simple structure, reliable operation and high efficiency, and is the main propeller of the boat. The propellers of modern boats mostly adopt large-to-surface ratio, moderate side slope, radial unequal pitch and more blades to reduce the cavities and erosions that may occur when working in the stern uneven flow field. , noise and excessive excitation force. Supercavity wing propellers are used on some high speed boats. The air propeller used for the full-pad airlift boat is similar to the fixed-pitch propeller, which uses the reaction force of the air to propel the boat forward.


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