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Brief description of the central control unit of the Shipyard Retractable Thruster
Nov 13, 2018

Usually, the central control unit of the shipyard telescopic propeller is located on the bridge. It is an electronic control box. The main components are power supply, plc, system debugging device, and relay. In its operation, the master control unit receives the command and feedback signals, internally undergoes computational processing, and then outputs signals to control the hydraulic servo unit action.


In this way, the rudder angle and the rotational speed will be adjusted, and the status signal of the propulsion system will be received at the same time. When there is an abnormality, an audible and visual alarm will be issued in time to realize the control and monitoring functions. The system has a motor start interlock. The motor cannot be started and the steering angle control is not performed when the shipyard telescopic thruster is retracted inside the hull or during telescoping.


In fact, only when the shipyard telescopic thruster device reaches the lowest stop position, the travel switch signals that the relevant action can be performed. As the core of the control unit, plc is mainly composed of a power module, a cpu processor module, a program memory card, and an analog control module.

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