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Benefits for contra-rotating propeller tunnel thruster
Jan 14, 2019

The application example proves that the contra-rotating propeller tunnel thruster is an ideal marine propeller, which has the characteristics of high propulsion efficiency, low noise, excellent maneuvering and anti-winding of the shaft system. It is widely used in ferries, tugs and engineering vessels and avariety of ships with high maneuverability requirements.

In the structural design of the contra-rotating propeller tunnel thruster, the rotary propeller technology is specially used, so that the diameter of the propeller of the same power product is the smallest, the thrust of the lateral propeller of the same diameter is the largest, and the left and right thrusts are basically the same. It is especially suitable for the high power side thrust of marine engineering ships with DP dynamic positioning requirements.

At the same time, it can ensure the consistency of the propulsion efficiency. That is to say, contra-rotating propeller tunnel thruster not only has sufficient propulsive force, but also has a compact and reasonable structural design and is flexible and convenient to use. In comparison, the propeller is 10% more efficient than the conventional propeller, that is, the sea propulsion ship using the propeller as the main propeller is 10% more efficient than the pitch propeller. In addition, the use of the contra-rotating rudder paddle can omit the squat thrust, which also ensures good maneuverability.

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