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Azimuth thruster with Nozzle has high power thrust, easy installation and maintenance
Feb 23, 2019

The Azimuth thruster with Nozzle is also called Z-shaped thruster during operation. In the course of operation, the propeller or duct thruster can make 360° around the vertical axis in the horizontal plane mainly through the bevel gear system transmission mechanism. Rotating to propel and manipulate the propeller of the ship.

The azimuth thruster with nozzle will have a zigzag shape during operation due to its shafting arrangement, which can simultaneously propel and manipulate the ship. The direction of the thrust can be arbitrarily changed, so that the ship can be turned around in place, and it can move forward and backward freely. For the maneuverability of the ship before and after the navigation, the 360° rotary propeller is better than the ducted propeller and the flat propeller. This is because the thrust of the duct propeller is large when the vehicle is in the vehicle, but the thrust is poor when reversing, and the steering performance is poor. Not ideal enough.

The Azimuth thruster with Nozzle can completely convert the thrust of the propeller into the equivalent of the rudder force during operation, so as to control the ship, and the unit thrust of the 360°gyrator is large, and the thrust is reversed. It is basically the same as the forward thrust. This propulsion unit can be assembled in the workshop, without the need for underwater operation, and is easy to install and maintain.

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