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Azimuth retractable thruster advanced design and perfect function
Sep 21, 2018

Azimuth retractable thruster can be used from 75 to 10,750 HP) to replace the propulsion and steering functions performed by conventional propeller and rudder steering systems for applications in dynamic positioning, marine escort, and ship docking services, if needed, Increased operability.


The azimuth retractable thruster features a lighter construction and cast housing for added ruggedness; it also features a slender body, smaller hub ratio and high performance nozzle for increased bollard tension while optimizing nozzle position It improves hydrodynamic performance and has better fuel economy. The anode is also upgraded to a cast shape that does not affect the flow of water.


It is reported that the azimuth retractable thruster also adopts a new control system with new features including historical data that can collect performance. This provides both electric drive control and hydraulic drive control for diesel, electric or hybrid drive systems. In addition, it offers the flexibility to install and help extend the optional condition monitoring.

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