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Application of contra-rotating propellers
Sep 07, 2018

The full-rotation rotary propeller combines the structural advantages of the contra-rotating propeller with the maneuverability of the full-rotation rudder propeller, thus providing not only a full range of thrust, but also effective reduction of propeller diameter, improved propulsion efficiency, and reduced vibration and noise. The full-rotation rotary propeller is mainly used for ships with special requirements or special restrictions such as transport vessels, car ferries, oil spill recovery vessels, and sanitation engineering vessels.


If the full-rotation rotary propeller is structurally designed with a lifting design, then its main components include a large plate frame, a rotary worm gear box mounted on the large plate frame, a gear box mounted on the upper plate, and a large plate frame. The lower part is equipped with a full-rotation device and a counter-rotating device, and a lifting mechanism for driving the full-slewing device and the up-and-down displacement of the propeller device is also installed on the upper portion of the large plate frame.


In the lifting mechanism of the full-turn contra-rotating propeller, the theme is the skateboard frame. The skateboard frame is mounted on the rear end of the rotary worm gear box by fasteners, and is located on the large plate frame and fixed in the vertical direction. There is a first rail and a second rail. The first rail and the second rail are located at two ends of the rotary worm gear box and are connected with the skateboard frame, and the utility model is safe and reliable.

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