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Application characteristics and installation requirements of hydraulic azimuth thruster
Nov 10, 2018

The hydraulic azimuth thruster can be rotated 360 degrees around the vertical axis in the application. The propulsion device uses a hydraulic source as the driving power to directly drive the propeller through the hydraulic motor. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low use cost and short production cycle. Its power range is 60HP-500HP. Applicable to yachts, open mud ships, simple engineering ships, etc.


In actual installation, the locking unit secures the full swing hydraulic thruster to the ship. The locking unit bracket is bolted to the hull and welded to the locking unit. The purpose of bolting the locking unit bracket to the hull is that the locking unit bracket can be removed. When the entire rotary propeller unit is hoisted into the cabin during service operation, the locking unit bracket affects the lifting and needs to be disassembled.


During installation, it is usually necessary to weld the ribs of the hull cover of the full-slewing hydraulic thruster. Hydraulic cylinders with control rods, when the full swing propeller is lowered and retracted, the guides welded to the hull control its movement. The full-rotation flange of the roof is connected by bolts with rubber pads. On the four corners of the thruster flange, two stops are welded to each corner to prevent the thruster from moving in the horizontal plane.

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