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Applicability and maneuverability of the lateral thruster with contra-rotating propellers
Dec 03, 2018

The lateral thruster with contra-rotating propellers is also called the thruster when it is used. When operating, it mainly means to open a horizontal tunnel at a certain depth below the waterline of the ship's first design. The general propeller is installed in the motor. A booster that drives or drives a hydraulic device that drives the propeller to produce a lateral thrust that causes the bow to swivel to any side.

The lateral thruster provided in the head of the lateral thruster with contra-rotating propellers is called the first thrust, and the lateral thruster provided at the tail is called the tail thruster. The use of lateral thrusters significantly improves the maneuverability of the ship at low speeds, reverses or stops. The thrusters are mainly composed of an electric motor, a vertical transmission and a propeller. The propeller of the thruster generally uses a variable pitch propeller. The side thruster can directly control the magnitude and direction of the force on the bridge with the handle, and the side thrust is generally divided into 2-3 grades.

It has a wide range of application for the lateral thruster with contra-rotating propellers. According to its power, it is installed in 7.8KW-45KW sub-series and 1-2 sets of diesel engines (more than 20 kinds) corresponding to the corresponding power at home and abroad. Motor, hydraulic motor, electro-hydraulic control mechanism, with a variety of power, a variety of programs and series of products, product parts interchangeability, for the convenience of the ship to buy and choose, suitable for cargo ships, dredgers, tourism boats, sweeping boats, etc.


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